Christine's Story

Hi! I’m Christine, founder & CEO of Scorch! Thanks for stopping by! Here’s my story...

In my final year of pharmacy school, I realized that I wasn’t passionate about pharmacy and wouldn’t be happy working in the field long term. Around the same time, after having experienced years of medication compounding, I started to realize that the process for making medicine was almost exactly the same as the process for making lipstick. My dream was always to be involved in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand world; but I wasn't sure I could do it! I always assumed I would work a steady job in healthcare.

Right after graduation, I signed up for cosmetic compounding courses to learn more about ingredients and formulation. With everything I learned, I started to put the pieces together to pursue starting a lipstick lifestyle brand. In August of 2015 Scorch was established.

To me, Scorch is so much more than just lip products with non-toxic ingredients; it’s about embodying that Cali girl, sunshine loving, bright and vibrant lifestyle! Enjoy!!

XoX, Christine