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Christine's Story

Hi! I’m Christine, founder & CEO of Scorch! Thanks for stopping by! Here’s my story...

Growing up, I was always interested in fashion, beauty, & branding, but really didn’t think I’d have any chance of ever “making it” in the industry. I took the safe route and ended up going to pharmacy school instead of pursuing a career in something that truly excited me.

In my last year of school, I realized that working in pharmacy for my career would not make me happy... but I also realized that I had learned quite a bit that I could use toward developing a cruelty & paraben free lipstick brand! I got started with the help of google, a course in cosmetic compounding, my husband, pharmacy job, & my background in science, and officially started selling our products at the very end of 2015.

It is still hard to believe that I have this opportunity to work on something I am so passionate about. I hope to continue to share our fun products and stories with all of you & I appreciate your support more than you know!!